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The App

Name: Kyle
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Fav Bands: TBS, Bright Eyes, Nirvana, Liquid Cheese, Across Five Aprils, Off-pill, and Marilyn Manson
Fav Ice Cream:Chocolate-chip cookie dough
Mustard or Ketchup: ketchup yo
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Whats the "Crazy-est" Thing You Have Done?: Oh, had sex by the wrestling room doors and gone streaking down Edgemere[busy street]
And post a pic to be kool, you don't have to, but if your kool, you will.:



In both pics I'm the one on the left...

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Oh! In the bands...u can't forget Hellogoodbye, Soma, Queen, GNR, Kittie, Green Day, jSystem of a Down, and other shit...
*thumbs sideways* *thumbs . . . . . . . up* Liquid Cheese got me haha

wow . . didn't think anyone would actually put a post again in here haha . . .
I love love love LC!! I feel special now...
Hmmm... I was about to say eeeeh on your band choices. But the "and other shit" could be all my favorite bands, just maybe. Though that was a pretty crazy set of things you did. So yes ma'am.
Sure why not
wow, we really need to get this crew up and running again. once again, i say YES.
damn dude those are some really nasty teeth you have there!
you totally read my mind.

hmmm someone had to say it!
LOL, it is true, but i have tiny teeth and braces dont help them seem bigger, and I should get them off soon, then they wont be so bad.
no I fucking hate you dude!!
j/k! I love you! lol
yes! :)
HEHE! Love you Lesly!